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Tulane University

Department of Theatre and Dance

2013 - 2015

Graduate Teaching Assistant / Student Technical Director / Scene Shop Supervision





Loyola University - New Orleans

Department of Theatre and Dance

2017 - 2019

Extraordinary Faculty / Technical Director / Resident Designer





University of Louisiana Lafayette

Department of Theatre and Dance

2019 - present

Assistant Professor of Design and Technology





North Springs Charter School for the Arts and Sciences

Performing Arts Magnet Academy                    

2003 - 2013                 

Faculty / Resident Designer / Technical Director 



Courses Taught:


Technical Theatre 1 - Intro to Stagecraft / Theatre Appreciation

Technical Theatre 2 - Intro to Design / Intermediate Stagecraft

Technical Theatre 3 - Design and Management for the Stage, its Theory. and Practical Application

Technical Theatre 4 - Advanced Design and Management for the Stage


Theatre Fundamentals - Theatre Appreciation / Intro to Acting

Acting 1 - Audition Technique / Improv / The Monologue / The System

Acting 2 - Meisner, Adler, Hagen, Meyerhold and Viewpoints


Advanced Drama 1    - Intro to Directing (the Hodge method)

Advanced Drama 1B  - Intro to Playwriting

Advanced Drama 2    - Advanced Audition and Prodution Techniques 

Advanced Drama 2B - Senior and Honors Production Projects

- Please click the NSCHS logo below to see an example of the work we were able to create -  


North Springs Charter School  is located just north of the city of Atlanta

and is a conversion charter school. The school is the proud home of

Fulton county's magnet school for the Perfroming Arts, an audition-only program

that is available to the residents of the metro-Atlanta area, and also students

of any county that borders Fulton. The school boasts an incredibly diverse student population, in both socio-economic factors and ethnicity, as well as a vibrant community of international students. 


The Performing Arts Magnet Academy is a pre-professional training program

that offers 4 years of training in Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Visual Arts,

Film and Broadcast Video, Dance, and Theatre Arts. The faculty is structured

with a faculty that holds high academic degree, but are also working professionals

within the Arts community.


The Performing Arts Magnet produces annually:

3 - 4 Mainstage theatrical productions

2 Studio theatrical productions

2 Dance concerts

4 Visual Art gallery shows

4 Mainstage Music Dept. concerts

   and dozens of class showcases and individual student projects.   


The Theatre Arts Department has been awarded many local, regional

and national awards, as well as international acclaim for their work abroad.


I take great pride that, in the Theatre Arts magnet, our students were given the opportunity to complete as close to 100% of the production work as possible.

From conception to construction... to the end of production, my students were asked to consider themselves a professional theatre company...

and the results were magical.  





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